“Jiu-Jitsu is not just about submissions, but also about learning how to defend yourself” - Nick Jones


Adult BJJ Class

A 15-20 minute cardio/BJJ styled warm-up precedes old to new school technique, BJJ self-defense, and timed rolls. Higher level technique is taught in “series” form, where one move builds off the other, so any skill level is welcome!

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Kids BJJ Class

After a cardio/BJJ styled warm-up, kids learn self-defense (and discipline), fundamental technique, then have sparring time. Spar time includes: takedowns/control, full matches, and various BJJ-related games. Age: 5+.



Brand new or need to brush up on the basics? This class will do you a solid. After a good cardio/BJJ styled warm-up, you’ll fortify your 5 basics, guard retention and passing, and basic submissions, sweeps, escapes.


No-Gi Class

Keep up with the No-Gi evolution! 15-20 minutes of relevant warm-up precedes technique ranging from the tried-&-true RNC to the revered heel-hook. Practice all that fire you learned during open roll time!


Take Downs

If you need to fortify your takedown game, this class is for you! Warm-ups and legwork will vary based on the technique of the night. Jordan teaches Greco-Roman styled takedowns and wrestling concepts.



Get some extra reps in on any technique learned in Fundamentals or Night Class, or if everyone’s set on that, Eric will run drills from certain positions people want to work from. There’s often time to get a roll or 2 in, too!


Women’s Open Mat

After light stretching and a warm-up, you’ll practice BJJ-oriented self-defense drills, revisit basics, or refine any technique from other classes. You’ll also learn great ways to care for your body before and after Jiu-Jitsu!